The path to true love is full of crazy obstacles. Utilize everything at your disposal to follow this path to its very end. 

Swift as a kid, crafty as an adult, insightful as an old man, you have all the tools you need to find The One.

Ask for help, be vigilant and never give up! 

Remember, nobody gets left behind!

I provided the source code as a downloadable zip file so that other people can  use my assets and improve on my work. If you do, please credit Maddiecorn :)


Original Romanian Poem: Trei fete - Lucian Blaga (1919)

Simple Fantasy Traveling Music Pack - Alan Zaring on Unity Asset Store

Coin sound - Free-Rush on


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So very cute! I love that it's based off of a wise poem. The music and the art match the feel of the game too. Really fun to play! I can see how you would be able to easily expand this as well, if you were thinking of that.

Thank you! 

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I love the idea of making a game based on a poem. The animations and color palette are nice. I really like watching all of the get into the boat for some reason. I found a tiny bug in that the stars look like they cover up the text in the top left.

P.S. I googled the poem and I saw your game under images

Really? That's awesome! Thank you :D

The mechanic is so unique and has so much potential, also love the art and music. 

It's a bit slow as it is though.

Thank you for your interest!

I like how when I restart, the sky also turns dark. Having a day night cycle just adds so much to a game's immersion imo. The mechanic is very original and well implemented. The game feels very complete.

Thank you so much!

i like the simplistic art, grandpa with the walker is really charming..

Thank you! I've been getting great feedback on the grandpa specifically :D

Beautiful job! Loved the creative mechanics and cute graphics! 

Thank you!

Fairly fun! I like the ending, and the little poem at the end made me happy. I didn't realize I was looking for a princess at the end! It took me longer than it should have to figure out the controls - you have to click the old guy and then the man and then the item on the right side to make the ladder to go higher or to make the boat. That could cause people to quit right away. I would like to see more ideas in obstacles/puzzles other than the 3:  bridge, ladder, boat at the end, because the last level doesn't feel more difficult. It just feels like repeating the last two levels.

The music was nice, the art was cute, and the content was nice. Thanks for making this! It's really cool.

Thank you! I will implement more obstacles in the future. That is why I kept the number of levels low, so it doesn't feel very repetitive. I have other obstacle ideas for future improvements. About the controls, many people complained about that. I will also implement some hints/instructions in the future. Thank you again for your interest!

I do not understand how you jump

There is no jump for the current version of the game. There are only obstacle solutions, like ladders and boats. Click on the grandpa and then on the dad :)