Collect musical notes and use those notes to play beautiful musical pieces!

Beware of death notes! They steal from the notes you already collected!

Seek ghost notes. They might be harder to find, but the reward will be worth it!


A ring of stone is what you need

If your wish is to succeed.

Walk the woods, prepare your ear,

For some music you will hear.


Open Game Art

Low Poly Forest Pack - Ajay Karat | Devil's

Low Poly Lamp - Catalin Pavel

Modular Terrain - Keith at Fertile Soil Productions

Nature Kit, 3D Nature Pack, Nature Pack (Extended) -

Fox - Trees Pack - mehrasaur

Park Props LowPoly - Teh_Bucket via

Wooden Bridge - JamesWhite

Landscape Asset - eracoon

Free Hedges, Stylish plants, Cannabis Plants - yughues

Unity Asset Store

Orchestral Style Bundle Free - Dimitri Kovalchuk

"Query-Chan" model SD - Pocket Queries, Inc.

Fur Elise Intro - Jaylew1987

coin4.wav - Free-Rush

Wrong - Raclure

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